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I downloaded Mario Kart 8 today and whenever I am in the middle of a race, starting a race, or selecting a character, the game crashes. I redownloaded the game and it didn't help.
Details of the crash: The game freezes and there is a loud buzzing noise for about 5 seconds.
If anyone else is having this problem, let me know if you fixed it! This bug breaks my game.



Is your Wii u fully up to date? It sounds more like that bug is breaking your Wii U instead.


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yes, i updated it yesterday



I have the same problem, but with the physical copy of MK8. Sometimes I can play a track or two, then it freezes and crashes with the "vuvuzela of death" noise. I tried searching online for problems, I turned off the quick start menu and selected "english only" in Miiverse, things people said would fix it.... it didn't. I have the latest updates for both the game and my Wii U. I've had a couple of crashes in other places as well, like the Youtube app and sometimes in the middle of a menu (with no game on), but mostly it's Mario Kart 8 that's the bad guy it seems. Any help would be appreciated..



I have a number of Wii U games that like to crash like it's 1999 but MK8 has never crashed on me. In fact my Wii U has probably crashed more times from trying to 'quick start' than from any games (except FIFA and Sonic Racing)

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By the way, just a small amount of grease or dirt on a disc can cause the hard crash (vuvuzela of death that doesn't stop until you unplug the WiiU)

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My disc is 100% clean and spotless. Got the MK8 bundle back in July, and that particular game's been nothing but trouble on it. So I haven't played it that much. Super Mario 3D World plays ok, but crashes every now and then as well, and it's also a physical copy. But MK8 is a nightmare, keeps giving me the "vuvuzela" noise so many times, I can't even play it.

Basically, my situation is exactly like this:

Except for the fact that I only have three games, out of which two work semi-ok (In addition to MK8 and SM3DW, I also have a digital copy of New Super Mario Bros Wii U, which works pretty well actually).

I vented my frustration to the Swedish distributors of Nintendo, since I'm Swedish, and they told me there might be something wrong with my fan or that there might be some other problem.. so I sent it in for repairs. That was three weeks ago, and I got it back today.. they had play tested it thoroughly (or so they said), and found nothing wrong with it! So I got it back home, plugged it in and popped in MK8. Started up a race.. and it froze immediately. Vuvuzela of death hit me hard on the head. So it still doesn't work.

So my disc if perfect and pristine (I take good care of all my games), and it still crashes on me. I mean, this could be some sort of problem with a faulty MK8 disc, but I doubt it since it can freeze on other locations as well. It once froze when I tried to move an icon on my gamepad.. so it's probably something else. Frustrating though.. that's what it is.



Seems like there's a bug in the latest update then. There's been a couple of times my WiiU makes that crashed noise when I press the home button, but, luckily it continues on fine.
Also, there's been a few times recently my WiiU will sit idol longer between things which it hasn't done for quite some time.

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My Wii U's crashed about once, when I was using the YouTube app. Now I just use the browser for videos.

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