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I know the Nintendo Direct is over now, but I couldn't seem to get the live chat to work this morning, though I've never tried it before. It didn't update unless I refreshed the page, and all I saw as far as text input was a type-able box where the text all disappeared when I hit enter. No send button or confirmation of post at all.

I'm running the latest version of Chrome on Max OS 10.8. Anyone else have this problem/suggestions?

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@SmaMan Thanks for letting me know, I'll have to fire up Chrome in Mac OS to test, but it should be fine if you have Javascript enabled.

What version of Chrome do you have?


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It's version 25.0.1364.172 to be exact.

I'm pretty sure javascript is enabled, as the uStream player worked fine. I did see a loading box animation above the NL team posts but it just kept spinning and spinning.

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DePapier wrote:

I'm using the Wii U and the live chat isn't working for me... Oh well, I'll just wait for the specific articles.

Yeah, who cares about chatting while trying to watch something anyway



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