Topic: LAN adapter (I think) issues

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When I bought my Wii, around one year ago, I bought on mercado libre (mexican version of ebay) the USB Wi Fi connector. Mainly because it was cheaper than a router and because I couldn't find the LAN adapter. The Nintendo store only ships between US and Canada. Anyway, it was Ok but turning the PC everytime I wanted to play Mario Kart was a bit annoying. So I decided to keep looking for the LAN adapter and I found one. But it wasn't from Nintendo. It is made by "May Flash" <_< but it was only 300 pesos (around 20 dls). So I bought, plugged it and it worked flawesly..

..until last night. The darn wii just stopped connecting to the internet. It kept appearing many error codes: 52020, 51420, 52022. I went to the support page, followed the instructions and nothing. I unplugged it from my router and did a direct connection and nothing. Then I used the USB wi fi connector and IT WORKED! Tried again with the LAN adapter and nada.

So my conclusion is that the LAN adapter died...but the lights are working and it was worked so well for a darn year. Why it suddenly stopped working doesn't make any sense.

I was thinking in buying another LAN adapter but I am not sure if that's the real problem. Does anyone have an advice? do you think it is the LAN adapter or is something else I couldn't figure out? has anyone had similar problems before?