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A few days ago I removed my SD card so that I could put some music onto it. Long story short, my computer crashed with the SD card inside which resulted in a bunch of stuff being deleted. When I put my SD card back in my 3DS, I found that I had lost most of my SD card related stuff from the past few months: demos, swapnotes, dsiware and 3DSware save files, photos, ect. Pretty much everything I've had on my SD since around he start of February is gone. I can deal with this, my main problem though, is in Puzzle Swap. The Kid Icarus puzzle is gone, and if I streetpass my friends who have it, their puzzle just comes up blank on my screen with a '???'. Strangely, on their screen, I'm shown as having all of the puzzle pieces that I had before this problem..

I dunno if there's a way I can trigger the spotpass update that made me receive the Kid Icarus puzzle again, my 3ds seems to think that I already have it. Can anyone help? I've emailed customer support, but they havent replied after a few days. Thanks guys.


Definitely do not format pretty sure that wipes out your downloads.



Seancy wrote:

But I'd lose all of my system memory D:

It seems that most of the memory/data got corrupted when your computer crashed, so, there's really no point in keeping data that's now useless. Actually, don't format the system. The SD card is corrupted, not the system.


Well I've had my 3DS since last summer, so I didnt lose that much stuff at all. It's just the puzzle. Also I backed up my sd card and formatted it to make sure it was clean.


I dunno if that'd work, cause I don't think that'd get rid of the spotpass update which originally gives you access to the Kid Icarus one.. I might try it though... Cause I get two streetpasses every day from my college friends.. so I'd catch up again pretty quickly.


If you restart puzzle swap, it gives you a piece for the puzzle that corresponds to the region you originally set your system up for, and then when you back out and enter puzzle swap a second time it tells you about the update and randomly either gives you a piece of Kid Icarus or a piece from one of the second set up puzzles that corresponds to your currently assigned region. If Puzzle Swap is your only problem, restarting should fix it.


Possibly a little late now, but I'd suggest holding off a week or two first to see if it automatically downloads the update again.

My wife's 3DS was powered off for most of the day when the Reggie Mii turned up via spot pass. I turned it on in the evening but Reggie was a no-show. Then about 6 days later, he appeared after I'd given up hope of another easy pink puzzle piece, so it may be the case that if you hold off, it'll sort itself out.

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