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A couple of weeks ago, I abruptly stopped receiving email notifications when somebody @ mentions me... I had not changed any settings. Has this affected all (or at least some) users, or is it just me? I attempted "resetting" my settings - as in, unchecking and saving and then rechecking the options - and it did nothing. So what might the issue be? Thanks!

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hmmmm... don't know. I @ mentioned you in the Vans thread.... I wonder what's up.

tumblr's better...

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@Morpheel: Let's not, actually.

@Gioku: Depending on your mail client or provider, you may have an option while viewing an e-mail marked 'spam' to click a button to have the client or site recognize e-mails of that type as 'not spam' and allow them to go directly to your inbox. If you're using Gmail, the option to declare an e-mail as 'not spam' is a button right next to the 'back' and 'delete forever' buttons, and it may take a couple tries for it to finally get the hint.

if that doesn't work, you may have to set a filter, and again it'll depend on what you use for e-mail. again, with Gmail, click the 'settings' gear, choose Settings, then Filters, then at the bottom will be 'create a new filter'. type '' in the 'from' box, click the link to 'create a filter with this search', and then choose 'never send it to Spam'. You may also want to click the option to 'also apply filter to matching conversations'. Enjoy! :3

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