Topic: Is my Wii U defective?

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In a couple games the frame rate has a hiccup or two. Is it normal for a game to have a few frame rate drops or am I over exaggerating?



If it's just a couple, then it's nothing to worry about. Every electronic hiccups (and I suspect PS4 and Xbox One hiccup as well)

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Thanks . I get really paranoid about stuff like that.



I'm wondering if this could be the case as what happened with me earlier; Had my Wii U GamePad in my room, back to back with the living room where my WII U is plugged in also near the wall,and while playing Punch-Out!! (Virtual Console, NES) it just kinda glitched/froze fo ra couple seconds while the game play itself went on as if nothing happened. I don't really think I've had this happen any other time or with any WII U games yet,, but then I usually only play every here and there.....

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Oh that sounds like it could be trouble

Best send it to me for repair, I'll even cut you a deal



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