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Hi. Sometimes when I start a Wii game all I get is a black screen. To be more specific, my VC and Wiiware games all work fine. When I insert a Wii game I get the startup music and animation and stuff but sometimes it won't load the health and safety screen or anything else. I then have to reset the Wii and try again which sometimes works. I don't have homebrew or anything installed in case that can happen. My Wii was repaired once before for not loading Gamecube discs so I am wondering is it a faulty lens drive or is it just dirty. If it is dirty, what type of cleaner can you use, is there an official one out there? Thanks in advance.



There is an official cleaner but just send it back to Nintendo.


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Aviator wrote:

There is an official cleaner but just send it back to Nintendo.

^ This.

In the meantime, if your Wii is standing up, you can try laying it on its side. Sometimes Wiis have a tendency to not be able to read discs as well standing up.

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Doesn't sound good dude. :/ Grab a Nintendo Wii Lens Cleaning Kit, if that doesn't work then it's time to get in touch with the mothership. Best of luck.



Will try the Lens Kit. But as the games sometimes load and then play perfectly I am not sure it's a dirty lens. However I turned it on its side and now the games have loaded everytime, 5 in a row at last count. I think I know what's wrong. When turning the Wii over, I heard something rattling. I think the spindle holding the disc is cracked or broken and is making the disc wobble when upright. On its side it seems to run quieter and loads perfectly. Thanks for all the help guys. Actually, I just remembered I blew compressed air into it once as I was unaware of a lens cleaner. Could compressed air damage the spindle if you used too much? Anyway thanks again.



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