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Being new here and a little cautious, I'm not sure what's considered acceptable or not. Thought I should ask.

It's a quote from Doctor Who, for the sake of clarity. I don't think it's even remotely offensive, but sometimes websites are very strict with these things.

I also assume my username is okay, as well. Please excuse my floundering here, I just want to feel my way around.



your username was fine, soniclyscrewed, but the signature was not, I'm afraid. quote from Dr. Who or not, remember that jokes need more than bare text to be fully understood, and the one you had in your signature was a bit too ambiguously flat for its content to be fully understood at anything but face value. If you're attempting to use a quote from something, I'd suggest one that doesn't make light of racism, bigotry, and/or mass genocide. thank you for asking, though! :3

if ever you'd like to get in touch with the moderation team directly, our door is always open. :3

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