Topic: How to Repair DSI Touchscreen?

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i have been using the cloth that came with the protective case and 2 screen protecters however i couldnt use the touchscreen one cuz it somehow seem to pick up alot of dust cuz of the stickyness so only the top one is protected and has been fine ever since however i use the cloth to wipe off the dust before using stylus cuz it would cause a scratch if i happen to slide the stylus alongside the a hard bit of dust

well at some point after a year it finally hapen i now have scratches that you can feel from the stylus like going across a bump sort of, im not worried about the millions of other scratches on the screen i discovered from sun accidently shining on it as they are smooth but i would like to know what is the best option to repair it or do i have to send it in and cough up money?



Call Nintendo.

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ah chucks i cant cuz im hard of hearing



if it's just scratches, that'll be considered normal wear and tear. as a repair for aesthetic reasons, I'd expect them to charge you the full repair price for replacing your screen because it's scratched up. as long as you can still see what's on the screen and play your games, though, why worry? Just get a screen protector and put it on now to halt any further damage :3

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oh i did tried but i couldnt dust just seems to collect really quickly even when i fastly wiped the screen with the cloth that came for it the top screen protecter was fine but the touchscreen one seem to be more sticky to put on the touchscreen that was when i started noticing the dust so i had to take it off for a year it has been unprotected but i always dust off when i can

but unfortunally dust will never die



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