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Basically my Nintendo Network account from 2014 i think is something i reopened/checked again in 2017. I wanted to change the email for that since i don't use it anymore. I changed the email (not activated yet) . Buttttttt I deleted that email since it was so cringey and want to use another different one. Now the confirmation is for that email and i cant change the email. So basically I cant confirm an email change from a deleted email . I want to change the email of my Nintendo Network account but I can't.. help please. ;-;



@TheLoneChowder Here's a couple of things you can try:

If any of those answers isn't the right one for you, then you can either browse the official support site yourself, or simply give Nintendo (support desk) a call and explain the situation to them.

Alternatively, you could check out this Reddit page, and if needed, register a free account, to join in on the conversation:

Good luck!

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