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I'm trying to use the forums to exchange 3ds friend codes with fellow gamers, but some of the posts may be a week old and I don't know how to message the poster directly so that they know I've added them to my friend list? Do I have to quote each reply separately? Do I just have to wait and hope they will browse the forum and see my post? Does using the "@" in front of the user name in a post do anything? I'm not sure how the forums work and was looking for a help file on it, thanks.
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Well first off Nintendo Life doesn't have a PM system, so you cant contact a person individually I am afraid.

Second the tread to exchange Friend Codes around here is right here

If you stick to that thread the people you add will see that you add them since thats where every one goes around here to exchange friend codes. You can post in that thread letting them know that you added them.

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