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I have a problem with my 3ds! My circle pad is messed up! In neutral position, even though I'm not touching it, it keeps moving to the left, and I can't play my games like that! I can move it up and down, and it keeps going to the left by itself, and NEVER to the right. Even with my + pad it still only goes left, up, and down.... If you know anything , please help, and if you don't know anything about what I can do, don't respond, thank you! I'm a 13 year old girl who NEEDS to play her Pokemon White and White 2!!!



Did you try restarting?

Got this from Nintendo support center.
To calibrate your Circle Pad:
1. Go to SYSTEM SETTINGS in the HOME Menu of your Nintendo 3DS, select OTHER SETTINGS and then CIRCLE PAD.
2. Confirm the messages that appear on screen until you are asked to move the Circle Pad two or three times in a large circle.
3. Follow the instructions and then select NEXT.
o If you see a message that says “Calibration failed. Please try again” then please restart the calibration process.
o Touch REVERT TO DEFAULT SETTINGS to restore the calibration settings to default.
4. Move the Circle Pad as instructed on screen – up, down, left and right, so that the corresponding triangles change colour to green.
o If the triangles do not change colour, touch RETRY to restart the calibration process.
5. Once completed, finish the calibration process by selecting OK.

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as @catsrnice said: restarting is the best step to start with. let us know if it works.

edit: well, looks like @catsrnice has done some looking for you and come up with some real help! hope it works.

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I already tried calibrating and it kept saying calibration failed try again, and when I tapped revert to default settings, the dot kept going to the left side so I could only get the left side turned green.



Well if calibrating didnt work I would suggest contacting Nintendo.

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