Topic: Help! I can't figure out what page I'm on when not on the first page of a forum sub-forum!

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The page number doesn't become highlighted or become bigger,
and the number of threads from the start (showing 26 of whatever)
doesn't help. So please help!



There should be a link under the NintendoForums banner that indicates what forum/subforum you're in. If you're referring to what page in a multi-page thread then I'm afeart I cannot help you, but I think the idea of highlighting the page you're on in the bit at the bottom of the page displaying that has been suggested in the past and is likely on the list. Never hurts to bring it up again!

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The best you can do is look at the end of the URL in your address bar and see something like start=75, then mouse over the page numbers at the bottom to see which one corresponds. Or, if you know how many to a page (25 for the forum level, 20 at the thread level), you can just calculate it; start=75 at the forum level, for instance, certainly would be page 4, while start=80 in a thread would be page 5.

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Thanks guys,
yeah, kind of already knew that,
and you guys too. That's good, we clearly (in example terms) understand now.



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