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Not 100% that this was even on snes but I think it was. It was an rpg type game, I believe it was a turn by turn fighting sequence. Basically you were kind of building your town inside a mountain or a cave of some sort. Every time you found someone or rescued someone with a particular skill set, they would open up some type of shop or something in your town. You could also take them out as part of your team to fight with.

This is all I can remember about it. I really enjoyed the game when I was a kid. Trying to somehow track it down but cant remember the title for the life of me. Any help would be very much appreciated!!



I don’t think it was dark cloud. It had older graphics. Had a topical view. I was thinking it was for snes



What machine did you play for that game ?
Did you still remember ?

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Super Nintendo I believe



So it was a top-down 2D game with sprites, right? Any system you can rule out for sure? For example, if you never had a Sega, then it wouldn't be on that.
It sounds familiar and I think I can solve this mystery. /Scooby-Doo

Here are a few games that come to mind:
Uncharted Waters: New Horizons
Actraiser (the first one, not the second)
Valkyrie Profile (it's a PSX game, but has sprites)

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@Tasuki That was it! I was thinking it was snes but was wrong. Thank you so much!



@Maximus1082 No problem, it's probably because of the graphics. Unlike say Final Fantasy VII which was released around the same time and used polygon 3D graphics, Suikoden used sprite based similar to SNES so it looked more like a SNES game then a PS game.

Anyway if you have a PS3 you can download Suikoden on the PSN and it's pretty cheap too.

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@Tasuki sweet only on ps3? I don’t have a ps system but was considering getting a ps4.



Good job @Tasuki. Virtual fist pump coming your way!

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