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I just got the WInd Waker for my Wii.
But i cant get it to respond to Classic controller.
I may be a newb but i need a precise walkthrough on how to set up the Classic Controller for use on Gamecube games. Thank you.



Hate to break it to you, but you can't use the classic controller for gamecube games. Sorry



you still need a Gamecube memory card and Gamecube controller


Well, It's hard to make gamecube games tailor made for wii. VC is another story because they were reformatted especially for wii.



When we first got a gc, me and my bro didn't have a memory card. We got one 5 months later. So, on sonic adventure 2 battle, we could never get past the first level of each story mode.



it seems like such a minor cosmetic change....i mean nintendo including a sort of in-console x-padder, that internally assigns ABXY to their respective GC uses, etc...I mean it just seems like it would be effortless. I also don't see why they haven't introduced PS3-style virtual memory data...being able to make a PS1 memory card or PS2 memory card on board just seems like a logical inclusion...I mean yeah there are ways around it but these fixes would be effortless on Nintendo's (unless I don't get something about the difference in controls and the GC hardware/Wii hardware locality) part and possibly rake in some classic and new-with-handles-classic sales.

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Yeah, the requirement for a GC controller and Memory card puts me off as well. I've got a white import GC controller; I'd sell it, but I need it for Wii MAME! I've got a couple of Classic Linkers so I can use my Classic Controller for GC games which makes me feel better, but not having the flaps up and running a cord to the system would be nicer.

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I love my Wii, but the Wavebird dongle's n' memory cards and flaps, make it look stoopid.



Yeah, I know, I was playing Pikmin 2 yesterday, and I kept on having to drag the Wii over to where I was stitting for the Gamecube Controller to reach.

I wonder why Nintendo didn't bother with the Classic Controller, it has more than enough buttons.

Ah well, maybe a harware error prevented them from doing so.



all that stuff doesn't work and will never happen an the wii. it sitches to a total GameCube-Mode with no Wii-Functions at all when playing a GC-Game. annoyimg but no way to bypass this.

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