Topic: Getting Second Wii U. How to completely restore old one?

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I bought a Wii U a few months ago. I set it up by creating a user and linking it to my eshop and all that fun stuff. Got all set to enjoy my Wii U.
Then I saw Nintendo was releasing the Limited Edition Zelda Windwaker HD Wii U. Being a huge Zelda fan. I had to have this new Zelda Wii U.
Today I got my Zelda Wii U and started the process of selling my old one. First things first was deleting and restoring the old one to new factory settings.
I went to do so and it mentioned something about my user and Id being permanently linked to this system. Now I'm nervous if I sell it the new owner can access my account and downloads. Also when I set up my new Wii U can I access my old account anymore? What do I do to be able to make the transfer as easy as possible with the least amount of headaches? Suggestions? Tips?



As of right now you're going to have to get in touch with Nintendo of America in order to transfer the content.



Nope. Currently there is no method to transfer the content

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@BivalentZs Is your old system a deluxe model? If so, all you need to do is sync the Zelda Gamepad with the old system and you're basically done. The overall hardware is identical and the only thing Limited Edition about the Zelda HD bundle is the gamepad anyway. This is exactly what I did and I sold my "new" system (with my old gamepad), just as you plan to. Only easy way around it I'm afraid...

If you bought the basic originally instead - well I'm afraid you're going to have to beg NoA for some kind of transfer or wait until system swap is a feature...



@DinsFire absolutely brilliant. So obvious and simple yet I never thought about it. I was happy I didn't have to reconnect all the cables cause all I had to do was switch out the wii console and gamepad. But didn't cross my mind to just not exchange the console and keep my old one. Thank you. Little disappointed I can't keep the shiny new one but the buyer will be happy to be getting a brand new console with used gamepad. Thanks again for the advice.



Quite weird that it is possible to do the transfer on 3DS, but still not on Wii U a year after the system has been in the market...
Unified account system hopefully comes sooner than later.

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