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So I bought a Dreamcast with a bunch of games for a cheap price. But there were two problems. The RF-cable didn't work too well (altough I've ordered a new one so it's not a big deal) and it reeks of a smell of smoke. Now, that the games smell of smoke doesn't bother me too much (altough I would like to get rid of the smell in them as well), I would really like to get the smell out of the console itself and especially of the controller.
I've currently put it in a box with a glass of white vinegar, so I will see if that gets rid of at least some of the smell. Does anyone know how long I'm supposed to keep it like that? Otherwise do you have any other tips?

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Just spray some Febreeze on that bad boy and you should be good to go.

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Air it outside on a dry breezy day or vacuum it. And I'd probably try baking soda rather than vinegar, and I wouldn't spray febreeze on electronics.

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When you say smoke are you like talking about tobacco smoke? If that's the case I can't think of anything to get rid of that smell.

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Take up smoking.


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