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Hello everyone,

I'm currently gathering all the requirements for what back in the day seemed impossible for one person to own all the materials for: 8 player Mario Kart Double Dash LAN play.

Currently I have:
-5 original controllers/Wavebirds
-2 Gamecubes
-2 MK DD game discs
-2 tv's
-1 Broadband Adapter

So, what I need is a crossover cable and another Broadband Adapter. But since the latter is ridiculously overpriced on eBay and pretty hard to find, I'd like to turn to you people. Does anyone have a 'spare' one I could buy? I live in Belgium, Europe and will cover shipping as well as pay an honest price for one in good working condition.

I'm working on the controller part, that won't necessarily be a problem.

I hope this will help, thanks in advance for reading this!



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