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I recently found a Sega Game Gear and I noticed that the screen is very faded and there are streaks that are extra faded on it. Should I worry about that?



Game Gears are like 15-20 years old. Probably the screen is just going. It may die at some point, but if you haven't yet, test it out with a few different games to see if it's the hardware itself or the game.

I still have mine and aside from some scratches, they're doing great. If the screen does eventually go, you may be able to find some guides online, or buy an as-is game gear off ebay with the parts you need to replace yours. If it doesn't bother you, I wouldn't stress out about it though. Just enjoy it while you can!

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I found mine in an old box a few years ago. I replaced the batteries and turned it on but the screen was very faded. I could barely see anything but the sound was working fine. The screen completely gave out within a few days of finding it.

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Mine still works!

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