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Dear fellow Nintendo users,
Have a Game own brand Component video cable hooked up to my Toshiba LCD, And using optical lead hooked to tv and my Sony av system. On the odd ocassion the sound is very muffeled and not right at all, have unplugged leads to see if that works, but is hit and miss.
I know its not the av system as works lovely when using ps3.
Can anyone shed some light or if this is a problem with the Game leads in general.
When first hooked up worked fine, been past few weeks been playing up.




Sounds to me like it could be a problem with the cable - have you got in touch with GAME about it? They may be able to offer a replacement cable or some advice.


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There might be a sound test option with the TV that may help find a problem.


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Maybe something's bent in the Wii, so when you plug the cable in the leads don't make good contact with the receiver unless you happen to hit the certain angle it works. I'd try another cable first (maybe bring the Wii to your friend's house to see if it works) to see if a different brand fits better, since that'd be cheaper than getting the Wii repaired. Good luck.

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