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Hey guys! so at Christmas, i got a Zelda ALBW bundle, and when i entered my region, i put Mexico. And just today, i woke up early and went to the eshop to download my game since the eshop was working at that time. After i downloaded the game, i decided to see how much Animal Crossing: New Leaf was in the shop. After checking the price, I noticed the price was higher than the hard copy of the game. The price was $699.00. Which in USD is almost $70. I was wondering if i could change my region after using my NNID and downloading my game. I planned on saving my game on a different SD card. But it's really not that big of a deal since I still prefer hard copy. But i'd still like to do something; Like emailing Nintendo Of America? If you know their email, can you please tell me? Thanks! (:



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