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Last Saturday morning, I sold 400 Eshop gift cards to a buyer. But end up he is a scammer. He left me a fake phone number, the one picked up the phone had completely no idea what I was talking about. I have all the receipt and photos of my gift cards. What should I do? Is it possible to ban the account that used my gift cards?



@elricwm Sorry you had this happen. Not that this will help now but if you sell something online you should never send the product until you have received a cleared payment. If it takes a couple of days for the payment to clear then you wait a couple of days until you send the product. If the buyer doesn't want to abide by those rules then cut them off as they're likely not legit. I've been selling all sorts of stuff online for many years now and can usually tell when some thing doesn't seem right.

I really don't know what you can do about it now,other than call Nintendo ASAP and explain your situation. If you have evidence of the codes and the buyer hasn't applied them to an account yet then they may be able to cancel them and help you out. I'd advise you do this as soon as they open. Good luck!

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You should’ve been a lot more careful, I don’t think Nintendo will be willing or able to do anything for you.

Yeah I don’t know either.

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@OorWullie Thank you for your suggestions! Because I have sold a lot of gift codes already. I should really have been more careful about this. I’ll make the call once they open. Appreciate it!



@Yosheel I also don’t know if anything can be done by Nintendo that’s why I asked. One of my friends told me if this happened in Amazon, they can blocked the suspicious account. But now in Nintendo, I think I just be prepared for the worst.
Learned lessons. Make me slept really bad last night.



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