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Just FYI! Right now they lead to http://edit/ and http://delete/ which unfortunately are not valid URLs.

/me is tempted to delete the internet

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We're looking into it.

Des, you are a genius.

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In the meantime, if you need to edit your own comments, 'PageURL/CommentNumber/edit' will allow you to do so. The comment number can be found via the Quote link, just hover your mouse over it and you'll see a six-digit number that identifies your comment in the Quote URL. For example, if James needed to edit his own comment, he'd use '' to do so.

edit: whoops, forgot to mention that if you created the topic in question, all you need to use is 'PageURL/edit' to edit the original topic. also, the links on the main site seem to be working at the moment, but if they wind up breaking too, the comment number can be found via the reply numbers (hover your mouse over them and you'll see a direct link to that comment which includes the number you'll need to modify it). in that case the URL needs to be ''.

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