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I just got a 3DS and I was transferring my DSiware to it. It was running smoothly until it got to Shantae. Now my 3DS is stuck saying transferring Shantae: Risky's Revenge. I thought it was taking a bit longer because of it being a bigger game than my other DSiwares, but it has been stuck on the running Pikmin animation for about 2 hours now, not even showing any sort of progress. If I turn off the 3DS and DSi at this point will I lose my data? What should I do?


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Yeah...the transfer process is a bit flawed and will get stuck from time to time. Just switch wireless off on 3DS and it will instantly stop and go back. Now just start the process again. Don't worry, your games are always safe. You can typically get 5-10 games transferred before it gets stuck. It sucks but you just gotta deal with it if you want your DSiWare on 3DS.

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Mine got stuck on the Shantae transfer. I just stopped and restarted it. Everything was fine

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