Topic: DSi Screen Starts to fade, colors change and Lines Everywhere!

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so the title says it all,
here is my story:
I was playing an intense game of flight control when i dropped my DSi in water, it was in for a split second. i did all the necessary steps(take battery out, and place both battery and device in rice). now that it has fully healed, soon after being turned on, the screen colors fade, and lines appear very heavily on both screens. After a while it all goes black and white, anything i can do before sending in for repair?



lol, to fix it'd probably involve taking it apart and putting it back together again, so I'd just send it in. bummer, man -- how'd you wind up dropping it into water, anyway?

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Nope. Most likely you've got water inside the LCD. Just send it in, it's probably a replacement job.


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well i will take a pic and edit the post so you see what i am talking about, and with the price drop, is it better off waiting for the price drop to see if the repair price will drop too?

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The colors on the screen are worse then the ones on the camera.

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