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I don't know about you guys, playing on Dragon Ball Xenoverse 1 or 2... but I already encountered a hacker on DBX2, Nintendo Switch. He goes by the name of mysticOP, and at the first time I saw him, we were battling each other on Ranked Matches, and he apparently had 2,000 TP(Time Patroller Badges). I thought to myself that he must be quite skilled, so I wanted to try beating him. Right when I got into the game, he completely teleported all the way from the start of the game and glitched into a wall. I tried to go to him, but he was outside of the battle area(you will see a wall appearing out of thin air, which means you at the end). He completely tried to destroy me without taking damage, which downright annoyed me. I have the pictures of him outside of the battle area and standing on the mountain, making sure that I can't get to him. I managed to end the game with me winning, but I was still disappointed that this hasn't been fixed...

If Nintendo can support me on this one, that would be swell, My username is "CrispyTran"
Again, if you want to know who the wall-glitching hacker is, it is "mysticOP".



Oh also, if you want to contact me and help me fix this problem, my email is "[email protected]"

Oh and yes, I am Asian.



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