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Hi everyone!

In the last two months I've been trying to solve a problem with my WiiU. I can't remember if it started just after the last update, but all of a sudden my WiiU is not capable to accomplish any download! The strange thing is that I can update the console, browse and even buy things on the shop, but when the download is supposed to start an error code appears (105-4256 most of the times). I've tried everything, even using cable connection for more stable signal, or contacting my internet provider, or entering manually the data of my wifi. I also carried my console to a friend who has my same internet provider and router, and the problem is always there. On the other hand, another friend with different i.p. and router was able to download with my console. The last chance is to change the router... I hope I'm not going to spend my money for nothing. What do you suggest? Have you heard about any similar situation?



I would contact Nintendo's customer service. They'll come up with something.

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I did, but they told the problem is not about the console... I also sent my console to repair but they found there is no problem, so I suggest there is some problem with the signal coming from the antenna



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