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Does anyone know how to save on this game? I just bought it today but it didn't have a manual and I can't figure out how to save.

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I've never played this one, but I assume it's a lot like the other titles on different consoles. You'll probably come to a checkpoint where you can visit one of the Kong members which will provide you a save. They are usually about 70 - 80% of the way from the beginning of the world your on.



I have DK Land 1, and to save on that game you have to collect all the KONG letters in a level, and then you will be able to save.
I assume this is how you save on DK Land 2 as well.

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I'm also stuck on how to save. Help please



During the game you will have to make it to Kong Kollege so Wrinkly Kong can
save your game.

Here's my source and a link to the instruction maunal:

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You have to pay 2 Banana coins as well at Kong Kollege to save.



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