Topic: Do you get your points back if you delete a game from the eShop?

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Im wondering, if i see a game i don't like, do i actually get the points back when i delete the game? Because its pretty pointless to buy a game you might like but hate it when you play it, and Nintendo ''trolls'' you with no points back.



The sale is final, you may redownload the same game for free if you delete it as long as your account remains. You will not receive your money back, a statement which you did agree with at some point in the process. Just do a little more research next time you buy a game.

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Only if it was that easy.
Once your spent your money on it, there no refunding it back. Nintendo have already added your money to their giant swimming pool of gold coins.

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No eshop refunds son. (This goes to all forms of eShop games. Wii, dsi, WiiU, and 3DS) Choose your games wisely.

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Once Gamestop starts to have that thing where you can trade in digital games at their store or online, then you could get some money back, but until then, sadly there is no way too get a refund on a digital game you have bought.

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Well think about this: what's stopping anyone from downloading a game and then returning it for a full refund?

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