Topic: Do I Need Wii Sensor Bar For Wii Games?

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Can I use my new Wii U sensor strip or must I buy a Wii Sensor bar for playing Wii games like Xenoblade?

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not for games with Classic Controller support... but all else needs it. GC controller is not enough it MUST be Classic Controller if you want to avoid the sensor bar. once again keep in mind that games that don't support Classic Controller are 90% sure to use the sensor bar

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The sensor bar that came with the U and all others that are compatible with the system work both on it and the Wii, it's all the same equipment.



The sensor bar is only necessary for using the Wii Remote's pointer. Unfortunately, the only way you can start a Wii game is either by using the pointer or a Classic Controller. If you have a Classic Controller and don't need to use the pointer, then you should be fine with no sensor bar. Otherwise, the Wii U GamePad has a sensor bar built in. If you're using the GamePad as a display in Wii mode you can use that to control the pointer.

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