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My save data was erased on the original DKC and I had heard that save data can be transferred from one wii to another but I don't know how to do this so if anyone would be willing to provide me with their save data and give some instructions on how to get it onti my wii then I would really appreciate it. The point in the game that I was at before the data was erased was very near the end. I only had the last regular level of the game, the boss of world 6 and the final boss to do and I had saved just before the last regular level of world 6.


You would have to find someone with the game,and if possible ask them to let you copy their save data onto an SD card then put the SD card back in your Wii and save it to the console.

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I don't know anyone else with the game and I'm sure I've seen some people on this site discussing this and they didn't seem to live near each other.


You can find Donkey Kong Country saves here


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I actually meant the first DKC on the vc but I found some for that on gamefaqs and I'd rather not get an 101% save file but if its my only option other than starting all over again, I'll go for it and just do the levels I hadn't completed yet. Thanks for the link though as it still helped as I didn't know that that was what the saves section on gamefaqs was for.


So you can't take an hour of your time to just beat this game? Or better yet get to where you were?

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You're obviously much better at the game than I am if it took you an hour to beat it as it took me weeks to get to where I was which was near the end of world 6 and there are other games I would like to play so I would rather not start over.


I never thought of it like that. Well to be honest I don't know any websites on how to get you a save file for what you want so I'm sorry.

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I guess I'll just have to use an 101% save file then and carry on from where I was if its the only option.


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