Topic: Differences between premium screen protector and starter pack screen protector? Also what charging accessories are needed?

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On the Nintendo UK store at least, Nintendo offer both an accessory set pack that includes a screen protector, for £16.99 and a premium screen protector for £14.99 by itself.

However, the descriptions don't tell much about the items, so I was wondering what, if any differences there are between them?

Also, dumb questions about charging, I assume separate AC adaptor and joycon charging grips are only needed if one wishes to charge their switch away from a dock; i.e that the dock can charge both?

I'm just finding the descriptions on the Nintendo UK website and Amazon to be a bit confusing.



The included AC adapter can be plugged into the dock or directly into the Switch, and the Joy-Cons will charge while attached to the Switch. There's no real need for anything extra, unless you want to charge more than two Joy-Cons at once (probably not necessary given their good battery life).

I dunno anything about screen protectors though.

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Thanks for the response. I now know that I don't have to buy a separate AC adaptor with a switch console.

I've since noted that both the screen protectors on the Nintendo UK store are Hori ones, explaining why I couldn't find any information about any 'official Nintendo' screen protectors online (I am aware that Hori products are given Nintendo's blessing practically making them official). I'll probably go with the premium one, simply because I am one of those very picky people on finger prints, scratches etc.



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