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I recently bought Breath of the Wild off the Nintendo eshop on the Wii U. Can I also buy BOTW on switch since I already purchased it?



Are you crazy?? You are not allowed to buy it agian. One one per customer buddy.

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Nah, I don't think Nintendo would still bother even if its good for the customer. Plenty of PS Vita games weren't cross-buy either even if it was a totally similar port.

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Yes, you can buy it again. You can't download the Switch version for free though.

I don't understand why people feel entitled to having a multiplatform title for free on another platform. It costs money to port to another platform, even if they're "just" VC games (which Nintendo are committed to optimising for every platform, as crazy as it might be to believe).

If you buy a DVD and want to upgrade to the Blu-ray version (even if both versions were released simultaneously), you're not entitled to a free copy, so why should games be any different?

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Tasuki wrote:

Are you crazy?? You are not allowed to buy it agian. One one per customer buddy.

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