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Hi - Just bought wii U and never had a console before, so my problem could be simple one. Here it is.

When trying to play super mario bros in two player mode, I can't seem to get both controllers to work. I select 1-5 players, and there is screen with mario and it says hit button 2 for the other player. I hit button 2, but nothing happens, can't get beyond this screen. Only thing I can do on this screen is hit the + button to sync, but when I sync am back in the same spot (asking me to hit 2 on controller for 2nd player). I have the gamepad + Wii U Remote Plus. I can easily play 2 players in Mario Kart 8. Also both controllers work fine when playing in single mode.

What I'm doing wrong? Is there button 2 on the GamePad?

Thank you!



The gamepad can't be used in multiplayer in this game you'll need 2 wii remotes.

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