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Today i got a new 3ds and i tried registering it on club nintendo and it says ive already registered that code. i know i put the code in right, and i even double checked it. my brother got a 3ds a couple months ago, but he registered his on a different account. would this have anything to do with the fact that its 21 of june? again i just got it today and its midnight purple and the only thing ive registered on that account is new super mario bros ds. can anyone help?



also, i got super monkey ball 3d, and it was pre owned but all the data from before is still on it. is there any way to delete it?



If its a pre owned game than the stuff for Club Nintendo may or may not work it depends if the previous owner used the info. As for the 3DS I would contact Club Nintendo they are probably the only ones who can help you in that type of situation.

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There may well be a way to delete the saved data, check the manual for the game. I think the button combo is usually something like "hold down L R and START" when loading the game from the system menu. Either that or check the options screen for the game, there is sometimes an option in there.

Or just use Google:

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I had a code saying it was already used, and the survey didn't come up, and the registration survey didn't appear in my to-do list, so I e-mailed their customer service. They said they checked my account and the registration survey was there no problem, and when I checked again it was, so I think it did register but the survey didn't come up because of some glitch, and then there was probably a short delay before the site updated to add my registration survey to my to-do list, because it does seem to be a little behind the times sometimes with coin status and such. I would try logging into your account again to see if the registration survey has shown up in your to-dos. If not, contact their customer service with your code to get it added to your account.

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