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Does anyone know how I can work out what my Club Nintendo password is without using the 'I forgot my password link.
I am registered with Club Nintendo and I have linked my DSi XL console but now I want to link my new 3DS XL console.
I have tried pressing the 'I forgot my password link' (numerous times) and it says I will be emailed a new password, but have not recieved one and I am constantly checking my email and spam box.
So I tried phoning Nintendo's customer support, after 30 minutes on hold, the man that answered said he would get one emailed to me in a few minutes but I am still waiting nearly 2 hours later and I have also tried emaiing customer support and no reply.
I just want to get this sorted as soon as possible so I can register my 3DS XL console on my account and link my Club Nintendo account on it.
Any help would be extremely gratefully recieved!!!



If you've forgotten your password I see no way around it. Check that your email address given is correct and maybe set up another email account somewhere else. Club Nintendo tends to break a lot - I tried to register a product three times today and it failed. >:/

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