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I have just purchased the limited edition 3DS XL monster hunter bundle and plan on purchasing luigis mansion and donkey kong country returns. I live in the UK and all of the above are from the UK.

However I see that on the American club Nintendo site if I register a XL and luigis mansion I can download a free game (I want mario 3D land) my first question is can I use the codes from my UK console and game on the US club Nintendo and download my game? As in can UK codes be used on the US site? Or are codes region locked?

Secondly I see that the UK club nintendo are doing a promotion where if I register the 3 games I can download a 4th game for free. Will the pre installed monster hunter come with a code to use for this considering it will not have a box and manual etc?

Finally do you know whether I can switch regions on my club Nintendo account? So I register my console and luigis mansion on US and download my game, then switch to the UK and enter my other 2 codes and get the 4th game download code?

Thanks for reading and I would appreciate any help on the above



Club Nintendo codes are region-locked. That said, I'm not sure if bundled software qualifies towards the current European deal (if so, your account would recognize it as a purchase when you link your system). I remember not getting a code or any extra coins for my bundled copy of Nintendoland.

It's not great news, but I hope that clears things up.

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