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The right Analog Stick on my Classic Controller is not working properly. I sat down to play BIT. TRIP FATE and I noticed that it wasn't snapping back on the left side.The right side of it works fine, but the left side is all messed up. It doesn't turn well, and it feels like it's grinding against something inside of it. I haven't played with the CC Pro for a while before FATE, because my brother and I recently aquired some WaveBirds (they are the best controllers ever).



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This is probably a useless answer, but is your left stick pulled up? When it's pulled up, it tends to grind, feel awkward, and not respond correctly. Simply push it down and it'll go back into place. A lot of analog sticks can be 'pulled' upwards, causing problems.

If it's more serious than that, I probably can't help too much. Does anything about it look irregular? If you touch the parts around it with your fingers, does anything feel out of place in comparison to the working stick?



Maybe try taking it apart to fix it if there's nothing you can do from the outside.

Honestly, Fate plays better with Wiimote and nunchuk though.


Thanks, I just jammed it around in circles a whole bunch of times and it worked again.


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