Topic: Can't update Streetpass on Mii plaza

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Hello everyone I have a problem and I hope you guys might help me out!

I have bought a new SD card for my New nintendo 3ds. Since I haven't download any games etc I had no worries of losing anything except my two streetpasses I got this summer. Today I got a new streetpass and when I opened the game it said I had to update it since it couldn't find it on my new SD card. When it was downloading it wasn't even halfway until I got an error with the code 009-2913. I have contacted the nintendo support for my country and is now waiting for a reply.

I was wondering if you guys have experince with this problem? I tried to find answers online on what is causing it but it keep saying it has something to do with my internet connection. I have checked it and it's just fine so I really don't know why I keep getting an error.

Thanks for reading best wishes!



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