Topic: Can you Private Message people on Nintendo Life?

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The title is my question. I didn't know where to ask this, so any mods can lock this once my question is answered. Thanks.

Do the Mario!


No. Sorry.

would be nice tho



hmmm, that is odd

Do the Mario!


The forums at Movemodo and Kinectaku are hopefully what the NL forums will look like eventually, and should that happen, you'll be given the option to list your usernames for various IM services. You'll aso be able to show your e-mail address if you'd like and allow users to use a form to contact you with if you so desire (the messages being sent to your e-mail inbox, of course). Until that time, there is no way to PM users here.

If you like, many of us use the Backloggery and PM each other that way; unfortunately, if you don't have a BL already, registration is currently closed.

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future of NL >:3
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