Topic: Can you opt to NOT get any 'real life' Platinum Reward this June/July? (Club Nintendo question)

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I'll try to stay a bit short with this one: If you're a Platinum Ranked member of Club Nintendo, will they ship automatically the goodies in 2 - 3 weeks (bags, posters, albums, etc.) or do you have to select any option to choose if you want or not to be delivered the Platinum gifts? My room is messy and I don't have too much space for anything else, pretty much besides a couple more video games, so I don't want to carry more things that I don't want, except for the 'free game' they could hand us in June - July.

I'm new to Club Nintendo, and I don't want to recieve nothing except the free N64/SNES game for my Wii, so basically: Is there any way of opting out the shipping of that stuff, or can you choose if you want it or dump the chance of getting 'em directly from the page?

I registered at Club Nintendo less than a week ago, didn't hear of it up untfil I spent some time playing with my 3DS box and saw about all of this, and care only for the free games they give you monthly, so any answers for this?

Thanks in advance and sorry for asking too many things during the week. Should try to help more around the place, only if I could. This question is aimed towards the users who have been/were members of Club Nintendo and got last year's prizes. For real, I really wish I didn't have to get them, don't know if my room can take any more objects, hahah.



In june or july (I forgot which) you will be able to select the prize you want depending on your status, if it is physical it will ship to you between november to december, im not to sure about games but im sure you will get it the day you order it.


Games can be downloaded since the day they're put on the page. So, that means that the prizes will still come to my mailbox? Sheesh



No you pick games or the prizes you cant get both if thats what you are asking. If you pick the games for your prize than nothing will come to your mailbox.

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Thanks, I was desperate for an answer.



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