Topic: Can someone edit some one elses comments? how do you insert smilyes?

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Some one edited one of my curse words on a forum i said the word fudge and they edited putting something else how is that possible i havent edited noones comments how come this person edited a word i said? isnt it like against something and how do u put smileys like these

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The mods can edit your posts, but one user can't alter another users.

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@GenieMagic: First of all, welcome to Nintendo Life. :3

Secondly, please note that the community rules (which you probably should look over if you haven't already) clearly state:

Please use common sense and don't post explicit profanity, however we are not strict on the use of swearing but retain the right to remove any posts we deem offensive.

Your posts and posted images are constantly reviewed by the moderating staff, any post or image deemed unsuitable by them will be censored, edited or deleted without prior warning.

If you notice someone else has edited your comments on the forums, chances are that person is a moderator (though the admins have been known to step in as well) just trying to do their job. The admins/people who run this place are trying to keep things suitable for all ages, and they're not fans of profanity in comments or on the forums (and in fact, when i was first brought onto the team, i specifically asked what words they considered 'bad' and was provided an entire laundry list of words to look out for), so when we see it, we'll edit it out.

You won't be in trouble if you slip here and there, it's no big deal (as the rules state, we're not strict about it), but if you start getting free with the curse words, we'll fire off an e-mail and ask you to tone it down. Be warned that editing your edited-out words back into your post(s), however, is a gigantic no-no, and for that you may wind up banned.

Also, you may want to check out these helpful tips for formatting messages -- that thread goes over bbcode stuff for the forums as well as some smileys iirc.

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