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has there ever been any canadians on this site that have a amazon account from the U.S site if so is there any extra fee charges that a new soon to be credit card owner (like me) should know about because i was thinking about getting certain things from thier site cuz they seem to throw 20 dollar credit deals to big name games where else the the canadian version site doesnt

if so please tell me and also suggest if u think its worth it or should i stick to .ca instead?



Ones for Canadians and ones for Americans?

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well the sites are all i know is if u buy from the american amazon site with ur credit card from canada there are extra fees involved because ur buying from another country wherelse u dont have extra fees if u buy from the canadian amazon site



Does even post games to Canada? I know they won't post to Europe for some bizarre reason.

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as far as i know they arent directly related .com has more stuff then the .ca site does and i think i figured out the extra fee is because ur getting something delivered from thier country to another



I used to order from mainly before was around. I think certain items they won't ship out of the US at all, but items they do ship to Canada usually the main problem is you have to pay more for shipping vs getting free shipping from, and if you order something over $20 you might have to pay duty on it because I don't think collects the taxes on it when you buy.


I too would like to know, i need to buy a new ps3 controller and its like 36.99 new on amazon.COM whereas amazon.CA's used dualshock 3 cost 54.99, 20 dollars more than an american new one which makes no sense. I need to also know if the country to country thing is a big enough deal for me not to buy the american one, or if im even allowed to buy the american one because i dont want to pay and then find out i cant get it shipped to me, that would be a huge loss of money to me.

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When you put in your address, it should let you know if it can't ship the product to you. I've tried getting products shipped to China, and it always dings with video games that they can't be sent overseas. I've never been charged.

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Ok thats nice, do you know if there were a lot of additional fees for them to send you stuff from a different country?

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