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I've made some more changes in Firefox, as that didn't appear to be reducing things down correctly, it should be much better now.

Hopefully that resolves all issues of things being "squashed", again let me know if anything else occurs with URLs and Browser. I'll be watching this topic


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Cool. Although, I have to ask, how much advertising do we need? Because there's presently almost more advert than there is website, especially on the forums. I don't think LCU's media people are paying you enough for the volume of real estate they're munching through

But seriously, I've known a few websites lose visitors because of too heavy advertising (the CVG group a few years ago - with ONM etc - springs to mind). Then the web admins have to respond with more advertising to cover the loss... and so on. That never ends well. And you'll just end up with a lot of regulars ad-blocking if it gets too heavy.

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@Raylax I completely appreciate that, it's about striking the right balance for us... which is why this isn't the end of the road, just an experiment to learn the best way of doing things. We want to innovate with the ads and make them useful, rather than just obstructive.

We'll hopefully be changing formats over the next month or so and make things better again

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I'm using the latest version of Chrome and the forums are still pretty small. I appreciate how much effort you're putting into fixing this though.


Just thought I'd stop by and say that the forums are still small for me. I've pretty much gotten used to it over the last few months but I was wondering if its still affecting other users and if there is a potential fix out there.

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Wow. That's a big ad

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