Topic: Added Funds to Switch eshop with Debit Card, funds removed from bank account and are not on Switch

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So I was going to buy splatoon 2 and was going to use my debit card to do so. I entered my info and hit accept but no funds were added to my eshop account, however, funds were only removed from my bank account. So I don't know where that money went because it isn't on my eshop account. Help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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This issue is usually called held funds, if its still the first 1 to 3 business days then dont worry as this should drop usually in the first 24 hours though up to 3 business days. This issue is caused by anything from putting the incorrect zipcode to internet issues. That is the link to the support page that states this info



@iamhere08 It’s been over a year man. Necroposting isn’t güd.

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