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Today I bought the Action Replay for the Wii and I can't connect it to my Mac or my PC to place the cheats on the Action Replay. It's supposed to be placed in the USB port but it doesn't show up after placing it in. Any ideas?

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How about you just play the game without cheats like the rest of us?

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Did you put the CD-Rom in? There should be one that comes with it. That is what contains all the cheats. You download the cheats off that and onto the memory stick with the action replay SD card inside it. Then disconnect the SD card from the memory stick and put it into the Wii's SD card slot to use the cheats. Then again, I haven't used mine in years so it could be a new version that works differently.


I think Nintendo blocked ARs (which is a good thing BTW)

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Since you just bought it, why not try contacting the people behind your new accessory? They should have some sort of instructions or support available for you. Good luck!

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