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Ha, that's ace, I love the Sony Ericsson interface, it's why I keep buying them. And yes, I'm talking about Windows-based infrastructures when I mentioned the IT professionals I know. They earn a good wage in IT and don't like Apple, shock horror, but actually, it's more common than you might think. Can we please just agree to disagree, as neither of us intend to or are able to budge, it'll get boring quick. In fact, it already has, Apple users tend to be close minded on the subject, as do those who choose to boycott the products.

Kind of on topic, check this upcoming advertisement out for Droid. Apple haters will love it, Apple lovers will not.

But yeah, what any of that had to AAC files I don't know. I hereby add Apple related threads, to the Guitar Band ones I promise not to troll.

EDIT: Fixed it Swerd.

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Ok. does anyone know where I can by a resonably priced SD card reader?



video has been taken down Machu--remove it if you'd be so kind or find a functional link (I got a kick out of that commercial and was dismayed that it's been removed)

I don't understand how the time taken to ask this question originally wasn't used to google "mp3 aac conversion" and download the first link on the page.

And for the record: Apple products are quite nice. They're just very, VERY overpriced for what's under the hood and gaming on them is a joke; unless you have Windows XP installed as which case you paid a metric ton of money to use an old OS that tops out at DX9. They're really clean though and they use what they have, components-wise, much better than PCs do. It's just...not that much better of an operating system than Linux and Apple's software prices are pretty ludicrous.

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@Toon Link:,, and are where me an' my hubby get most of our computer parts/accessories. You can check your local Target and Wal-Mart, though; they carry SD cards, they probably carry SD card readers, but I don't know how much is 'reasonably priced' for you, so that may be what you're looking for, it may not.

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No need to use itunes or whatever. WinFF ( is an excellent, small and effective easy-to-use mutlimedia encoding application which also can convert mp3 files into the DSi compatible music format. It's very simple. Just follow these easy steps and you're ready to listen to music on your Dsi in no time.

1. Install WinFF to your PC or Linux system.
2. Run the app and add the mp3 files you want to convert.
3. Output details: Audio - Device preset: MPEG4 Audio - Output folder: your destination folder/desktop.
4. Click "Convert" and wait for the process to finish.
5. Your files are ready to be copy/pasted into your DSi's 'private' directory.

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Rinji Also an alternative for Itunes.
Just upload and convert your files to AAC

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