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I keep getting 500 - Internal Server Error relatively frequently whilst browsing NL (like one or twice every few page visits), and occasionally the page loads but without its CSS. Probably just high server load or something, but figured I should mention it

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That's never happened to me before



I have also experienced something similar roughly ten minutes ago. Not quite as frequently as yourself though. I've no idea what it means but it definitely said "internal server error". On the other hand the whole internet packed up for about half a minute so it might just be me.

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It's been happening to me lately too. Maybe Ant's working on something?

Edit: Nice to see you use Chrome :3

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yeah, i've been getting them off and on over the past month or two -- it'll just be one random page that'll 500 out on me instead of loading properly, and i'll get maybe one every couple of days. a page reload usually takes care of it, though sometimes they load all weird like your screenshot, lol. :3

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