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Just wanted to see if anyone had some advice out there. This is the issue: In order to achieve the "sweet spot" with my 3DS XL I have to slightly tilt the system horizontally to the left (as opposed to directly in front of me) in order to achieve the best clarity, which is slightly uncomfortable and unnatural feeling to hold. I do not have this problem with my regular 3DS though. Is it just the particular system? Or me? Any ideas? Thank you for your time.



@Millenia Interesting, I always find you need to hold it in a steady position, but not tilted to one side. Perhaps you should try someone elses system to see if its the same? It could just be your eyes I guess - I think it's slightly different for everyone!

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That sounds really weird. I always have mine in front of me.

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Yes, I've had the same issue going fom the regular to XL, a slight turn to the left as u described. Not a huge deal but still something. Nice to know its not just me lol



Sadly I do not know anyone else with an XL. >< I would like to try a different one to see if it's just my console. Who knows. Glad to see I'm not the only one though. Maybe just something I'll have to live with for the time being.



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