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I got my new 3DS XL in the post today, but during the set-up process the system just becomes completely unresponsive. Usually I get up to the point where I'm inputting a username, but halfway through the system locks up. The music still plays though, and I can adjust the 3D and turn the wireless on and off when it freezes. Originally I thought it was something to do with the touchscreen not working properly, but I have left the system on touch screen calibration (which you get to through turning on the system while holding L, R and X) for at least thirty minutes now and the touch screen still works. I have also gotten to the online user agreement section before, but the system locks up before any options come up.

It seems to be the same problem that is here, so I'm pretty much certain that the system is faulty and I'll need to send it back. This is just a last-ditch attempt to fix it before I have to go on holiday tomorrow...

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Brand new, boxed and sealed. I guess its just an unlucky manufacturing error. Already organised to send it back to the seller, so it's more or less sorted.

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Yeah at least it should be under warrantee (however you spell it, my computer says it's wrong, and won't give me the right word, lol).
Forgot to mention (kinda late now, but whatever, lol) that knowing where you bought it could help too, especially if it was online.

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